This one of a kind ministry has set out to empower others to overcome family adversities and life's setbacks. 
Public Speaking

Doc Amey is well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from youth to young adult, local police authorities, county judges and councilmen, to adults and children in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods. He has been able to tap into the untapped, reach the unreachable, and speak into the lives of people who so desperately need guidance from their misguided mentalities. His genuine spirit and sincere concern for those he comes in contact with has led to God’s unmeasured favorability among some the most elite individuals. His message comes from biblically-based principles, his book titled KEPT, and real-life testimonies to get-as he would say-real with people to show them that they can overcome the difficulties that are trying to keep them in bondage. Doc has spoken into the lives of over 5000 students helping them to make lasting changes, get promoted to the next grade level, and stay out of the juvenile justice system. 

House of Refuge

It is our vision in this ministry to restore men to their rightful position in society by giving them a place to

stay. Mentors will help them to build a strong relationship between them and God. Emphasizing the

importance of dignity and honor, while restoring broken relationships with families and friends.

Woman Restore 

​Our leaders have been called to equip women all over the world with practical knowledge and skills based on the Word of God that can be used to conquer daily life for the modern day woman.


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This program provides intimate and group mentorship to students to address issues such as: 

Positive behavior, Beating peer-pressure, Positive attitude toward school/learning, Involvement in Life-Skills/Development, Conflict management, Problem Solving Skills, Personal Hygiene, Life Structure Preparedness, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Drugs, Proactive Incarceration Awareness

Volunteer Groups

Our mission would be impossible to complete without selfless, dedicated volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with Lost and Found Ministries, don't wait...Join us today!

Wedding/Ceremony Officiant

We believe in the sanctity of a God designed marriage and operate by that standard. To book a wedding or vow renewal officiant click below.

Walking Down the Isle